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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Good Day To Miss!!!

I couldn’t ski again today but if you’re going to miss a day today was the one as it rained all day in town and quite a way up the mountain, and it was grey and foggy with terrible visibility. Chris, Andreas and Thomas headed up the mountain hoping for the best as sometimes these ‘low-expectation’ days turn out pretty well, but I think it was very tough going out there. Chris stayed on piste after a ‘tester’ and did some technique and I think he made it through the morning.

The girls didn’t want to ski in the rain so we all headed down to Bourg to go shopping in the revamped Super U and we did a serious stock-up of everything we’ll need for a while. The new store is impressive and stocked with fantastic produce, meats, cheeses, fish and seafood, wine and just about anything else you’d like.

After a physio treatment from Gill Millie and I went to the gym and I did some exercises and stretched in preparation for tomorrow and Millie spent 1 hour and ten minutes on the various cardio machines. I’m going to try to ski in the morning as I’ve skied Christmas Day every year since I was 8 and I’d hate to miss one now! Gill and the girls are coming along with Michael R, Penny and Paddy so we should have a great Christmas on the slopes.

It’s forecast to get colder and snow much lower down the mountain tonight and with the sun expected to return tomorrow it just might be a very Merry Christmas! Stay tuned!

PS I’ve posted some photos of Chris’ team working on technique. Bravo boys!