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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Good Luck Kato!!!

The Watson’s are wishing Katie luck as she’s in having surgery on her foot as I write. Katie will be out of commission for a while but hopefully she’ll recover in time for some spring skiing. Fingers crossed Katie!

An easterly wind was blowing over 100 kph last night, and we were a little worried that it might of ruined some of what precious little we have left. Our early tests of the snow confirmed that the wind had an overnight impact, but there was still some great skiing to be had. (see photos)

It was also jolly cold this morning with -18C reported on the summit of Bellevarde. It was even colder on the Pisaillas Glacier where there was a punchy wind blowing. I would have liked to have gone up to the Fornet for a change of scenery but changed my mind immediately after hearing Radio Val’s forecast. Half of today’s mission was just staying warm!

More cold weather is forecast for tomorrow and no new snow is in sight. Stay tuned!

PS Millie and Anna have had a brilliant first day!

PPS Just had an update from Richard Foster. He seems on good form considering what he’s been through. The operation went well and he has 10 to 12 weeks on crutches before starting his rehab. Richard plans on being ready for next season. Courage Richard!