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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Good Morning Andy!!!

A ‘good morning’ to my good friend Andy from Calgary who starts his days off with a strong cup of coffee while reading the blog. I hope the girls and I will be able to visit with Andy and his wife Suzie this summer but it will be touch-and-go whether we’ll be able to travel or not. Hope to see you both soon Andy!

Lou sent me a scan of an 1992-93 advertisement for Alpine Experience in the local paper ‘The Word’. You’ll also notice the ‘self-arrest’ tip for Giles Green, who was one of the founding members of Alpine. Unfortunately Giles died of a brain tumour in 1995 but he is remembered by many Alpine and Top Ski clients who had the privilege to have been touched by of his adventurous streak and enthusiasm.

Chris has posted some excellent wildlife shots so do have a look if you haven’t already seen them. I’ve also posted a photo from my past and I must admit that I wasn’t a pretty sight

With everyone stuck at home I’ll try to update the blog on a regular basis. I still can’t upload off my camera but am able to post photos that are sent to me on email. If you have a fun photo past or present please email it to me so that I can spruce up the diary. Stay tuned!

PS Note the cartoon on Giles’ ‘self-arrest’ article. It has been drawn by non other than Nick Lyons!