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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Good Results!!!

It was just Andreas and I on the mountain today as the rest of the boys were having a day off and with it getting a little tougher each day we were both pleased with our choices today. Andreas headed towards Tignes to ski a little couloir that he ‘sniffed’ out a couple of seasons ago and they had some great ambience and skiing while I headed to the Fornet for a little ‘skin’ and had pretty jolly good snow top-to-bottom. (See photos) I had a couple of new skiers this morning, Kevin and his son Duncan from Edinburgh, so it was nice to show them the scenery that the Fornet offers plus take them on a trip through the gorge, which is always impressive. No snow is forecast for the  next few days at least so ‘it’s-one-day-at-a-time’ business at the moment and any good result is greatly appreciated.

I’d like to thank John Yates-Smith from YSE for a great mention last week. He used several of our photos, mentioned the importance of good tracks and even put up a photo of the cover of my book. Thanks John, it was much appreciated!

There is an interesting read on the BBC News website about a Jewish girl escaping the Nazi in a ski resort during the 1940’s and as it turns out it was Val d’Isere. There are some great photos of the village from as far back as the 30’s so have a look.

I had a nice drink with the Farrer’s last night in the Baraque and the music was excellent. The same quartet will be playing tonight before a change on Tuesday (no live music on Monday’s) so if you’re about drop by for a set or two starting at 7:30.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s quest for the snow!