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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Good ‘Sniffing’ Boys!!!

It was significantly colder today and with the thermometer at the Borsat reading -14C we decided to stay as sheltered as possible and I almost spilled the beans but remembered that times are tough and I’m in ‘code-mode’! The boys continue to ‘sniff’ out some great skiing with a combination of soufflĂ© doux, strips of creamy snow and pitches of good frisset-type powder. The high winds have transported some snow to give us a few options and with some colder weather forecast we should start to see some slopes that have been un-skiable start to break up and improve to the point where they come back into play. That is especially important when no new snow if forecast for at least a week to ten days!

Thanks to Penny for her annual New Year’s Drinks Party. It’s always a great success and takes the stress out of New Year’s Eve for so many of us. Thanks Penny but you really need to train those boys to be a bit more helpful! And thanks also to Geoff and Inga for a lovely dinner last night.

I’m off to the airport with the girls and Ray tomorrow so if there’s no update I’ll post it late a night. Stay tuned and come on you Hammers! (Sorry to Jerry’s Mum for the footie mention but there are several photos of your son today!)

PS I’ve posted a photo of Michiel and his young sons Julius and Gaius from Monday when they had such a brilliant day on their first-ever off-piste outing. Bravo boys! (The photo is back a few days with the rest of Monday’s photos)

PPS Don’t forget the Alpine Get-together on Friday at Le Petit Danois with Andreas and Karen providing the music. The Guinea Pigs will be playing tomorrow but I’ll miss them as I’m off to the airport. I can’t believe the girls are going back to England already!

PPPS Andreas had a pearler on the piste at the end of the morning yesterday and is nursing a sore shoulder. Fingers crossed it doesn’t effect his guitar work! But he’s afraid that the injury might effect his slap-shot in tonight’s match. Good luck Gretzky!

PPPPS I’ve also posted a photo of Tom with his lovely Mum Nicky and it’s back with the photos from December 29th. He’s a good looking boy Nicky!