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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Grace Matinee!!!

It’s grey this morning but forecast to clear up later in the day. So I’ve taken the opportunity to relax this morning and start with Gill and Tim between noon and 1 o’clock. We thought we’d combine hopefully better visibility with less people over the lunch period.

I’ve enjoyed a late breakfast, and surfed the net for sports results and news. Next up will be a trip to the gym for the first time in ages.

Meanwhile Chris and Andreas have probably headed off to the Sachette. The Sachette is always a good call in flattish light as it’s one of the easier ones to navigate. Good luck boys!

Thomas is off in Germany for a few days to pick up a VW van. I’m not too sure what Henry is up to while TJ has been skiing with his pal Russell.

Thanks to Geoff and Inga for a fantastic meal last night. The Italian themed dishes were excellent and as usual the wine was lovely!

Last night’s result between Palace and City was welcomed for all Liverpool fans and neutrals. It will certainly spruce up the title race!

Stay tuned for more news and photos later in the day!

Boy, I paid for my grace matinee! I thought I was being really clever delaying my start today. The thought of brighter skies and less people over the lunch period seemed like a good idea at 7AM. But, in hindsight I should have been out early and up at altitude.

Tim and I went out about noon and headed straight up to the Fornet. I had visions of skiing the Grand Vallon and Vallonnet but my first test of the snow changed all that. It was thick and heavy and really quite dangerous to try to ski in. So we headed straight up to the Glacier to get as high as possible.

Even at altitude the snow was heavy and yellow from the Sahara sand. We had some good turns up high but lower down it was knee-threatening tricky. There’s no doubt that first thing this morning the skiing would have been really good up there but I missed the boat with my leisurely start. Sorry Tim!

To compound my problems I waxed my skis yesterday and didn’t scrape them. The caked-on wax prohibited my skis from gliding and they were impossible to ski. Eventually I took them off and scraped as much wax off as possible using the edge of a ski. That helped enormously and riding up the Col poma rubbed off some wax as well.

And to make matters worse I managed to ski into a pile of rocks. There’s nothing like 15 cm’s of fresh snow to cover them up! It reminded me of a few years ago when I did the same thing skiing with Gill. That time I punctured my elbow to the bone and needed to go to Bourg for x-rays and stitches. This time around I was quite lucky and didn’t hurt myself but I’m starting to feel the affects now.

Moral of the story? Get out of bed in the morning and get on with it. We’ve a regular routine for a reason!

The Revolverlites are playing at the Danois tonight starting around 5:15. They are a good band and a great bunch of guys. Maybe see you there?

It was stunning on the Pisaillas Glacier this afternoon. Check out the photos and the transportation of sand from the Sahara Desert was incredible!