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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Great Gig Last Night!!!

I thought Karen and Andreas’ gig last night was their best yet and it was a fantastic way to finish off an outstanding day. Andreas is cooking on his guitar and really enjoying himself and I could listen to Karen all day long as she’s brilliant. Karen’s work colleagues came down from Solaise and I don’t think they’d ever heard her perform before so she gained some huge respect there! Another colleague Kevin joined in for a couple of numbers on guitar and Team Solaise had a big night of team bonding and it was fun to watch.

The sun was beating down again today and will do for the next few days at least so the skiing isn’t getting any easier. We now have the sun damaging the sunny expositions to go along with track and wind-damage but “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” so I’m expecting the boys to put on a good how during the tough time ahead.

Andreas was skiing with Ian this morning and I had an easy morning around the Motte while the rest of the boys had the day off. Chris has just finished two weeks of all-day work so he spent his day off in the gym.

I’m tidying up now as the girls arrive tomorrow night. I don’t know where to start! Stay tuned!