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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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It Turned Out To Be A Great Morning!!!

After working the team hard over the past four days or so I thought I’d give them a break and head to the Motte to see what we could ‘sniff’ out, and as it turned out we skied some great snow. We surprisingly found an excellent strip of ‘clean’ snow in the Borsat, then had a good run down from the Grande Motte cable and through the rocks before ‘skinning’ out, then another lovely run off the Borsat West after a short ‘skin’ and a jolly good Familial to finish. For a morning where I was hoping for a decent result we enjoyed some excellent snow. (Chris was in the neighbourhood as well) Andreas had a great outing off the Crete du Genepy while Henry skied the Col du Montet, and I’m not sure what Thomas skied today.

I’m off to the airport tomorrow afternoon so the blog will be quite late and I’ll unfortunately miss Karen and Andreas at the Danois. They’ll try to kick off for 5 o’clock and don’t forget Happy Hour finishes at 5-sharp for those of you who enjoy preloading at half price!

Speaking of the Danois thanks very much to Ray for a lovely lunch at the Danois yesterday. HEALTH WARNING!!! If you’re going to tackle a Viking Burger do not be tempted into a starter as it’s a serious amount of really good food!!!

Stay Tuned!!!