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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Great Leftovers!!!

It’s incredible how quickly the resort was tracked out yesterday and I thought I’d squeeze in one more day without walking. We opened up with a couple of really good ‘sniffs’ and I made the mistake of ‘congratulating myself while I was still in motion’ and my next call wasn’t the best as I headed up to the Motte to try my shoulder. Unfortunately it had taken the wind and wasn’t what I was hoping for but we skied some nice snow back down to the village and then circled back around and had a great finish to the morning. I’m back to ‘code-mode’ now as it’s tough out there again and it’s a shame so many people trash the mountain without thinking of others or the fact that each tomorrow will always tougher until it snows again.

Andreas went for a walk, Thomas and Henry were both in action while Chris was stretching his Ski Club group to the maximum this morning. I love Chris’ ‘take no prisoners’ approach, well done JC!

Thanks to Johnnie Alpine for a great meal last night followed by the Hammers v Liverpool match, which was fantastic. I can’t believe the Premiership isn’t using VAR to take some pressure off the officials because last night’s refereeing was extremely poor. Liverpool’s first goal was a mile offside and then with the last kick of the game they were offside again and thank goodness their striker blew it while in on goal because losing 2-1 to two offside goals would have been brutal. Anyway, I’ve got that off my chest!

It’s that time of week when I start thinking about the Guinea Pigs on Thursday and Andreas and Karen on Friday. They are the two best parts of the week away from the skiing and I looking forward to seeing you all there! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!