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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Great Morning!!!

I’m off to the airport so photos and blog will follow later tonight. Don’t forget the Danois BBQ at 3PM followed by Ed Mullit.

Have fun and stay tuned!

I’ve returned after dropping off the girls in Geneva and they’ve had a fantastic time. Katie spent 17 days with me and we had an absolutely brilliant time together. She is a cool young lady and a lot of fun and it’s the most one-on-one time we’ve had together for a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed her company. Gill was here for nine days in total and had a couple of the best powder days of the season while Millie only managed 5 days due to GCSE preparation but she made the most of her time, like she always does! With Easter being late this year I now have about ten days before I’m back with them for my other life, which is quite a bit different from this one!

After a tough day yesterday conditions were much easier today with the sun making a huge difference and even though we had a very light freeze last night we learned enough yesterday to not bother going for altitude and we managed to ski pretty low today and got away with it. Andreas and I headed to the Sachette via some good piste and had a great run top-to-bottom. We traversed all the way around to the spring-side and I climbed up to a little couloir/gulley that I haven’t used for about ten years and it worked out nicely. Andreas was ahead of me and he’d made it to the bottom without breaking through so I knew we could make it too and under the circumstances it was an outstanding Sachette and enjoyed by all. I finished with an excellent Altiport while Andreas skied the meadows down from the Borsat towards the Grand Pre and down the Epaule du Charvet. Meanwhile Chris ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy and then skied the Cugnai and he also had a great morning and it was deserved after dealing with yesterday’s conditions.

We might see some snow over the next couple of days, which would set us up for a fantastic finish to a wonderful season. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS There a about 3 cm’s of snow forecast tonight but with an east wind forecast at altitude it is just possible that we get a retour de l’est and might benefit from a decent snowfall at the Fornet tonight???

PPS Gill and I stopped by the Baraque last night with Adam, Nicki and Emily Farrer and the music was brilliant. I thought it was a couple of the best sets I’ve seen there all winter and the Baraque will continue with their live music right up to the end of the season!