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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Great Performance Boys!!!

Times have been tough to say the least since the rain on December 24th combined with the brutal winds that have been blowing as well as the track problem, and we’ve been slowly funnelled into certain areas that have been working for us while making the best of the situation. Today I thought I’d go for a change of scenery and with all the cold nights of late I returned to an area that I haven’t been for about ten days hoping that the cold temperatures would have broken up the surface tension and regenerated the snow. It was optimistic but I’ve been called worse, but unfortunately the snow hadn’t come around as I had hoped and we needed to deal with what was in front of us. I thought the boys skied the ‘skiers snow’ really well (see photos) and I was pleased with their performance. (Chris’ team of Fay, Paul, Richard, Sylvie and Clem also handled themselves well) During the morning we mixed in some nice steep slopes of soufflĂ© as well as some hard piste skiing and I really enjoyed the morning.

We’ve another sunny day forecast for tomorrow before a couple of though days on Tuesday and Wednesday when we are expecting cloudy skies with only a couple of centimetres of snow. Flat light is something we don’t need at the moment but at least with the New Year’s rush over the pistes are quiet and in great shape and a much better option than over the past two weeks. Stay tuned!

PS TJ had arrived and is back in action tomorrow!