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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Great Skiing!!!

Andreas, Chris and Thomas are out skiing most days and having a great time. They can pick-and-choose their weather so they are skiing under blue skies for the most part and making the most of it.

Since all the itineraries start from the bottom they are walking themselves into fantastic condition. (Unlike me who is trying my best to not get fat and gain weight) They’ve ‘skinned’ to the top of the Signal poma, the Cugnai, the Table de Orientation and the Familial to name a few of their routes. Seriously well done boys!

I try to not dwell on the webcams too much as those sunny days just makes me miss it more than I already do. However, I must admit to not missing those windy flat-light days. Those grey murky days make me think about the pressure we habitually ski under. Days when the resort is full of people and tracked out. Days with avalanche risk and not being able to see. When we ski every day we just get used the pressure and deal with it. But, being away from it certainly gives one time to think about it all.

I’m feeling pretty fragile at the moment with my hip. The thought of skiing over a drop-off in flat-light and landing in a heap makes me wince with imaginary pain. So I certainly envy the boys on those beautiful blue powder days, but there are days when I’m just happy to be here tucked up with my girls!

Chris has the codes to my blog so he’ll be posting photos regularly to help keep you all entertained. Thanks Chris and stay tuned!