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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Fake News!!!

I’ve changed the heading as it look’s like Derek’s news below is fake. Thank goodness for that! Thanks for the heads-up Paul!

Chris and I headed up to the Fornet and enjoyed a jolly good ski. We had some excellent snow in the Lower Combe du Signal to warm up before heading upstairs. Once on the Pisaillas we took an atmospheric trip out into the Pays Desert. We needed to be careful with our route up top to find the easiest snow, but the bottom half was really good skiing. (see photos)

At this stage Michael happily called it a day. He’d had a lovely morning and he knew what was coming next. We decided on our first Col Pers of the season and the entrance isn’t for the faint-hearted! Blimey! I went right, Chris went left and it was a matter of chose your poison. After carefully getting ourselves in through the rocks the skiing was worth it. The top section was a little winded but the rest of the way was great skiing right to the bottom.

Jean Marc and Thomas both went for a ‘skin’ today and as options are drying up it’s back to ‘code-mode’. Sorry but it’s tough out there!

Derek has just sent me a message saying that France and other EU countries have just closed their borders with the UK for 48-hours. F——g Brexit! Keep an eye on that one!

Don’t forget that Karen and Andreas are playing at the Danois at 6 o’clock again this Friday. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but don’t miss it. Who knows how many more weeks of freedom we are going to get? Fingers crossed and see you there.

Stay tuned!

PS Just heard from a friend of Gill’s living in France┬á that Derek’s news is just a rumour. Fingers crossed but f–k Brexit anyway!