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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Great Start, Sad Finish!!!

My day started of quite brilliantly but ended up with a sad ending! The skiing was stunning this morning and was one of the top five days of the season. But I returned home to find I’d lost my French phone. Then the real kicker. I found out the Gill and the girls flight had been cancelled! What a sad ending to a wonderful morning of high quality ‘maximum-turn’ skiing!

Just to give you an example. My team skied the Super L, meadows off the Laisnant, Grand Vallon, meadows under the Pyramid, Combe du Signal, Combe du 3300, and the Col Pers. It was all non-stop skiing and extremely good! (see photos)

All the boys were up at the Fornet and had fantastic mornings milking it for all it’s worth. After being out of play for the entire winter it was so nice to be back in the Fornet environment. It is such a beautiful sector and with the sun high in the sky it was at its picturesque best!

I managed to watch the West Ham v Everton match thanks to Andreas’s Canal Plus set up on my computer. With the Hammers winning a tough match 2-1 it helped to ease the pain a little. But I’m still sad and gutted!

Stay tuned!

PS Alice has decided to keep the Tuesday and Thursday bands on for at least one more week depending on turn-out. Tchenko and I promised Alice to rally the troops and that’s part of the reason we’ll get another week. If you like live music please come out and support the bands. The excellent Revolverlites (Tasha’s favourites) play Tuesday at 5:30 and the superb Lunettes play on Thursday. I hope to see you there!

Ed and Jamie will continue to play Monday’s while Karen and Andreas will still be playing on Fridays.