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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Grinding It Out!!!

Andreas mentioned this morning that it’s a bit like a Bill Murray movie at the moment where Bill wakes up and every morning is the same. You look outside and the sun is shining and the resort looks exactly like it did yesterday as in tracks everywhere, but somehow there still seems to be some fantastic skiing out there and fresh tracks to be had. Today was no exception as all the boys had a great morning showing there teams some excellent skiing. (See photos) JM is in town for a few days and it was a pleasure to see him at the Gourmandine this morning.

It was great to see Pav last night at the Baraque with his friends and family, as well as Kevin and Jane and Jane, Jumbo and Angus. I’m gearing everyone up for the Guinea Pigs tomorrow night followed by Andreas and Karen on Friday. I love both gigs and Thursday and Friday après- ski are my favourite nights of the week. See you all there but I’ll miss the Pigs as I’m taking the girls back down to Lyon. They had a fantastic few days but it’s just flown by!

Stay tune and if tomorrow’s update is late it’s because I’m en-route to the airport and back.