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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Guffy’s Memorial!!!

Tonight, is Guffy’s Memorial as the Danois. People have arrived from out of town to pay their respects and along with locals the Danois will be rammed. Guffy was a much-loved character, and it promises to be a memorable occasion.

Andy and Ritchie will be opening the musical side of the evening followed by Karen and Andreas.

Michael R has arrived in town and he and I are going out for a little ‘skin’ this morning. It will be great to get some exercise although I’m not too sure how much skiing we’ll get?

Stay tuned!

PS Michael and I had a good outing this morning. We ‘skinned’ up the avalanche path and made our way to just below the Folie Douce. Then we skied the piste, which is not ready yet for public consumption but still pretty good in places. Once down we ‘skinned’ back through the trees along the river making a nice circle. (I know the English are keen on circles!) The sun was shining, and it was great to be out in the snow again.

I’ve been seriously enjoying the World Cup so far but last night’s game between England v USA was terrible. It was the worst match of the competition and England were so dull. I’m not a big Southgate fan and don’t understand his thinking. After 50-minutes it was obvious his set-up wasn’t working and still he waited. I would have liked to see Grealish and Foden come on together for starters. Anyway, what a frustrating performance!