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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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I know many of you were booked in to ski this week and I’m sure you’re absolutely gutted. I know how you feel as Gill and the girls were due to arrive last night for 17-days of fun skiing powder and spring snow, going to gigs, enjoying the festive atmosphere in the streets and generally enjoying the best ski trip of the season. (As I write we would have been at the Danois bopping about to Karen and Andreas!) We all have a deep appreciation for what we have in Val d’Isere but I think next season we’ll all feel that little bit more privileged knowing that having something that we’ve been taking for granted can be snuffed out and shut down so quickly. It just shows how delicate the balance of our lives really is!

Adam F texted me a link to Peter Hardy’s website welove2ski and he wrote a letter from Val d’Isere that I thought was very good with some witty quotes from John Yates-Smith along with some great photos. Have a look when you get a minute.

I’ve posted a few family photos of the Watson’s out getting for a little exercise and Chris has posted some fantastic wildlife shots that he took a few days ago while walking at the Fornet with Suzanne.

I hope you are all well and hopefully we’ll be able to get back towards normality sooner than later. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!!!