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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Half The Freeze!!!

Yesterday we had some fabulous spring skiing with a minimal freeze. We skied exposures 3-hours early than we normally might and even then it was limit support-wise. Last night the freeze was half of the previous night’s so we had very limited options today. To say it was a potentially tricky morning would be a serious understatement!

The lack of freeze was evident immediately with the first test of the snow. We skied some nice barely supporting snow off the Jardin du Borsat Sud and then headed straight up to the Motte. The skiing was better than expected and we skied one near my shoulder, one off the cable car and a Cairn variation on the way down. (See photos)

We finished off with a couple of ‘water-ski’ type runs which were good fun. That’s skiing fairly quickly with biggish turns through wet snow and staying on top. James thought it was fantastic saying, “I could ski that all day long!” It was fun but I don’t know about all day long!

Last night’s gig at the Danois was outstanding. We had a massive ‘Alpine’ presence and everyone was dancing away. Fernando, Albert and Marc were brilliant and I’m really hoping that they’ll be back next week. (They are playing this afternoon at Coco’s as a one off. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go!)

Highlights last night were superb renditions of Black Magic Woman, Hotel California, They Call Me The Breeze, thyme song to Pulp Fiction, and the Bob Dylan opener. Mind you, like I love everything Karen sings, I love everything these guys play. They are outstanding!

Tomorrow’s blog will be late as I’m taking the girls to the airport. They’ve had a wonderful time and unfortunately it has pasted much too quickly.

Stay tuned!