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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Happy Birthday !!!

I like to wish Chris and Fred a big Happy Birthday. Many happy returns to you both!

Chris is the only one on the mountain today as I’m off for the first time in a month. It comes at a good time as my legs are in need of a rest. We’ve needed to ‘skin’ daily for almost three weeks with the ‘skins’ getting progressively longer. I haven’t been getting home until between 1:30 and 2:30 most days so today is a welcomed rest.

I’m planning on my first trip to the gym since testing positive December 22nd. A ski tune is on the cards as well as shoveling my terrace for Katie’s visit. (Maybe I should have gone skiing!) Then a drink in the Baraque followed by pizza with Chris tonight.

What a brilliant night in the Danois last night! Karen and Andreas were fantastic and the place was rocking. We had a big ‘Alpine’ presence led my Clare B and her team of girls. There were several ‘first-time-to-the Danois’ people and they absolutely loved it. We had John and his son Tom, and Marilyn dancing away in their chairs. Nineteen-year-old Tom was quite amused with his dad’s moves! Long time Pat and Jean Z client Stephane came and he was quite taken by Karen. He was amazed by her voice and performance and said, “that dude on the guitar is pretty cool as well”! He kept saying , “this is the real Val d’Isere”! What a night!

And well done to Will and Carla for ‘skinning’ all the way from Bonneval for the gig!

Stay tuned!

PS I’m having a much needed haircut this afternoon. It’s a bit worrying though because my hair is thinning rapidly. Soon one of these haircuts is going to reveal a tete nude! (emoji)