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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Happy Birthday Gill and Oscar!!!

I’d like to wish Gill a big Happy 55th Birthday today. I opened the curtains this morning and was surprisingly greeted by huge snowflakes. It’s only the second time all winter that it has snowed here and it wasn’t forecast. Apparently it snowed 55-years ago on the day that Gill was born. I guess that was some sort of omen!

It’s also TJ’s youngest son Oscar’s birthday today as well. I’ll never forget sitting at our regular ‘Alpine’ table at Les Tufs when the news came in a lunchtime. It was a memorable and tearful moment. Many happy returns to you too Oscar!!!

I hope you are all well and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather. Fingers crossed it happens sooner than later! Stay tuned!

PS I just went into Godalming briefly to do some banking. I was thinking of looking in on my Turkish Barber Shop for a quick haircut if there wasn’t a queue. But blimey, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Every barber shop in town had massive queues lining back up the high street. My barber’s of choice must have had 30 blokes waiting outside and I know they’ll still be there in two hours. After all this time I can’t believe that people can’t wait a few more days and are subjecting themselves to queuing outside on a cold and miserable day! (Not surprisingly the ladies seem to have a much better system where they make a booking.)