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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Happy Birthday Gill and Oscar!!!

I’d like to wish Gill and Oscar a very happy birthday today. Neither will be able to do too much but have a great day with family anyway!

I’ve haven’t posted anything lately because my computer (Windows 10) has stopped uploading photos from my camera card and the lack of photos has made writing the blog a little less inspiring. Sorry about that but I’ll try to get it sorted and get some photos up sooner than later.

It’s been a tough time for everyone and I’m sure you all have settled into some sort of routine that hopefully works for you. We are about as good as we can be considering and are walking everyday with a few bike rides thrown in, some hip exercises in the garden and I’m doing at least 30 minutes of Pilates everyday. It’s been fun sharing videos and jokes online with many of you and there are some pretty funny clips out there and well as a few good jokes. Many of them are a little rude but here’s one that works for all ages: There is a stricken airliner going down over the Atlantic and only five passengers are left on board with only four parachutes. There’s Nicholas Sturgeon, The Pope, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and a ten-year-old boy to decide who gets one of the remaining 4 parachutes. Nicholas Sturgeon jumps up as says, ” I’m Nicholas Sturgeon and I need to save Scotland and definitely need a parachute ” so she grabs one and jumps out. The Pope then says ” I’m the Pope and need to save the Catholic Church and I definitely need a parachute” so he grabs one and jumps out. Donald Trump then says ” I’m the smartest man in America and I definitely need a parachute” so he grabs one and jumps out. That just leaves Boris Johnson and the ten-year-old boy. Boris says ” son, you take the last parachute. I’ve lived my life and yours is only just beginning”. The boy replies ” thanks Mister Johnson but there’s still two parachutes. The smartest man in America grabbed my school bag!”.

I’ve started doing online Pilates using Zoom and have done quite a few private sessions and have a Friday morning class so finding Zoom as at least been one positive out of this mess. Zoom will allow me to stay in touch and do the odd Pilates session with my clients during the winter and after this crisis a little extra income will be welcome. I’m doing a session today with an old client who moved to Scotland a couple of years ago so it has allowed us to get back in touch and continue with Pilates.

I hope you are all well and finding ways to keep yourself occupied. Fingers crossed that we’ll all be slowly getting back to normal sooner than later but it seems like it will still be awhile. Stay tuned and hopefully I can sort out my camera problem.