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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Happy Birthday Tchenko!!!

I had a prompt from Derek to put up some sort of post as the last one was May 26th! Not too much has changed since as the girls are still doing all their schooling from home. Meanwhile Gill has continued giving physio consultations on-line while I’ve been doing quite a few Pilates classes on Zoom. Fortunately Gill is able now go back into the physio clinic but it’s still very restricted with social distancing. She must wear a serious amount of PPE, which is hot and bothersome and not ideal for ‘hands-on treatment’. Still, it’s a step in the right direction and she’s happy to be back at work!

Millie and I are playing loads of golf while Gill has been playing tennis twice a week. Katie seems to spend most of her spare time visiting her friends in various parks. Fortunately we all have our little routines to keep ourselves in shape as it wouldn’t be too difficult to put on weight during this lockdown.

On Monday evening’s I have my regular on-line aperitif with Karen, Uffe, Flo and Tchenko. When logging-on tonight Karen was busy curling her hair (which looked great) and I asked her what the occasion was? It turns out it was all in Tchenko’s honour as it’s his birthday today and they are all going out for some celebratory drinks this evening. Happy Birthday Tchenko and have a great evening!

Can you book now?

The planning is up and running and I had a booking from David B today. Easy Jet flights for next winter are on sale and as cheap as they are going to get. And YSE are taking bookings guaranteeing full refunds if this nasty virus is still spoiling our fun. If you have any idea of dates book now while flights are affordable and YSE still have some rooms available. Stay tuned!