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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Happy New Year!!!

We had a great New Year’s morning today as Andreas, Thomas and I all headed to the Col du Montet. As usual the scenery was stunning and for the most part the skiing was excellent, all except the lower slopes on the bottom of the mountain. I felt sorry for Chris today because he does love an adventure and wanted to come along but couldn’t come as he had a group without ‘skins’ and I’m not too sure what he skied today.

I was on my own last night at the hot wine service and was absolutely swamped but fortunately Gill and Caroline H rolled up their sleeves and helped me. It was good fun having the girls pitching in and there is no way I could have coped on my own. Thanks very much girls!

Thanks very much to Penny for her annual New Year’s Eve Party! It was brilliant with copious amounts of bubbly and some great nibbles and her efforts are very much appreciated by all those who would be absolutely shocked if they had to fend for themselves on New Year’s. Thanks Penny!!!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow but we really need a fresh canvas soon as we’re running out of places to walk to! Sad but true but the boys continue to put on a good show. Bravo boys!