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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Happy Retirement Penny!!!

After a late night picking up the girls the sun was out for Penny’s first day of retirement. And wow, what a day it was! At the last moment Thomas and I decided to ski the Kern for the first time this season and that set the stage for the rest of the morning. From there we skied the Face du Charvet, the Tour du Charvet out near the Couloir du Mont Blanc, and the Marmottons. It was also 14-year-old Fiona’s first morning off-piste and what an introduction!

Chris skied around the Charvet and Manchet while Andreas headed to Tignes for a classic ski via the Borsat Nord before skiing the Chardonnet, Tourne and the Sachette Couloir!

The snow was a tiny bit trickier today and wasn’t the same quality as the outstanding snow of Tuesday but no one was complaining as we skied fantastic slopes in ‘clean’ snow and it was wonderful to have the sun back.

The girls had a good first ski on piste this morning and I’m hoping they’ll come to the Guinea Pigs with me this afternoon. Hugo and Paul will kick-off around 5:30 but if you’re the type who likes to pre-load the Danois Happy Hour finishes at 5 o’clock. And Andreas and Karen are play the Danois tomorrow night at 5:30 so don’t miss that one. Stay tuned!

PS I’ve been complaining lately about my boots being too sloppy and soft and not having any control of my skis and I was thinking of changing boots. Andreas was watching me do up my boots this morning and he mentioned tightening my power strap. So I pulled it a little and he said pull it even tighter so I gave it a good yank and presto, it was like having a totally different pair of boots. I like to have free ankle movement but these boots are ridiculously soft and the much tighter power strap has made an enormous difference. I can’t believe it’s taken me 55 years of skiing to finally learn how to put my boots on properly. Thanks Andreas!

PPS Oli and JM had a great day on the Crete du Genepy followed by Mont Roup!