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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Trusted Territory!!!

It’s been a tough season to say the least. But the past few days have been perhaps the trickiest of the season. A nasty foehn wind has been blowing and it’s stopped the spring slopes from softening. Besides a lack of options the wind has made our timing quite difficult. The last thing anyone wants to ski is firm spring snow when it’s a little rough underfoot.

I’ve ended up doing variations of the same thing three days in a row. This morning I had planned on skiing some of the Val d’Isere classics. But as soon as I felt the wind at altitude I knew ‘Plan A’ was a non-starter. ‘Plan B’ didn’t last long either and before I knew I was back in trusted territory. (See photos)

I saw Viv and her pals in the Danois briefly last night before heading off to dinner. Ed and Jamie were great as usual and thanks to Dixie and Carol for a fantastic evening!

It’s the Revolverlites tonight so I’m looking forward to that one as well.

Stay tuned and hopefully the wind will die down a little and give us a bit of a break.