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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Henry On Tour!!!

Henry will once again be touring the UK this autumn. It’s an annual event with Henry taking his Avalanche Talk (HAT) and beeper training sessions around the country.
Henry has been part of the Alpine team for many years now. Over the summer he has been in touch with some our Alpine regulars. Adam G, Doug T and Charlie A have been working on a safety project for HAT, in the ‘safety is freedom’ spirit. Henry will be using some of their ideas and videos during his upcoming tour. Thanks very much for your excellent ideas and great work boys! 
I highly recommend going along to one of Henry’s talks and to a transceiver training session. Even if you have done it before, we all can use a refresher. It makes it more fun for everyone on the mountain when you know that you are a functioning member of a well-trained team. It certainly makes it much easier to guide and concentrate on finding great snow when everyone is up-to-date on safety, both prevention-wise and in the case of a rescue!
Here’s a link to an overview of Henry’s Tour with the places he’ll be, dates and times: https://henrysavalanchetalk.com/uk-events/the-off-piste-awareness-tour/. It kicks off in London on the 1st November, and includes  Manchester, Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Tamworth and Bristol.
Get out and see Henry when he’s in your neighbourhood, and stay tuned!