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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Hi Chris, here is a blog for today.

As you probably know I’ve been locked out of my blog page. Apparently someone tried to hack the blog and the security forces decided to block me out. I’m sending today’s blog to Chris who is posting it for me.
While I can’t post at the moment I have been able to post photos.
Today was another cracking good morning of maximum-turn type skiing. The light was pretty flat at times but we did manage to move around the mountain quite nicely. For a 4/5 day we had some fantastic skiing!
I unfortunately had another injury in my group this morning. Caroline hurt her knee on the Epuale du Charvet. She didn’t need a blood-wagon and we managed to get her off the mountain, but we’ll know more a bit later on. She’s keen to ski tomorrow but……..
Stay tuned for more news and hopefully I’ll get back into the blog soon. I hope the hacker amused himself/herself/they/it/whatever and it was worth it to them!