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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Highest Yet!!!

I talked myself into a short ride today just to get myself going. The thought of an easy ride to just the Pont St Charles was enough.

But once I arrived at the bridge I talked my self into going higher and higher. Just ‘one more bend’, or ‘just another five minutes’ and before i knew it I made it to my highest point yet. I couldn’t really go much further as my arms and fingers go numb and it becomes tricky changing gears. Plus my ass gets sore! (Bike shorts and a bike fitting would probably help!)

I’m doing a little painting before heading over to Dave Carr’s for the final afternoon of the Premiership season. Come on you Hammers, Liverpool, Villa and Palace!

Tomorrow is my big day in Chambery and hopefully my paper nightmare will be over. Fingers crossed! Karen and Uffe have invited Tchenko and I for lunch at their place in Annecy after my meeting. Hopefully it will be a joyous occasion!

Stay tuned!

PS My flower shots would be a bit clearer if the flowers weren’t being buffeted about in the wind!