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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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How Are You Doing???

How are you all doing out there?

After France announced their lockdown to continue until May 11th the UK followed suit with another 3-weeks of ‘stay-at-home’ orders. Fortunately up until now we’ve enjoyed fantastic weather and although the girls have missed their spring skiing we’ve actually had a really nice time at home and have a good routine going. Gill and Millie walk together everyday and have several different loops that they can do locally with lovely scenery and very few other walkers about. Katie and I can’t keep up with Gill’s wicked pace so we have our own routine around Blackheath, which is s beautiful area about a kilometre from home. I’m using my Nordic poles to help with my posture and the poles greatly add to my workout and allow me to walk faster and farther than I could without them. Millie and I cycle into Guildford a few times a week for some extra exercise and occasionally Gill and Katie join us. I try to do my weight workout in the garden every other day as well as my hip exercises and Gill does the Joe Wicks workout a couple of times a week plus an online rebounder class. I’m also doing about 30-minutes of Pilates for myself each day so we are managing to stay in decent shape considering. We are doing our best to not graze all day as you could easily put on a few pounds during the lockdown. The big highlight of our day is dinner and we’ve been taking turns coming up with meal plans and doing the cooking and the girls have been making some lovely cakes, which seems to be grazed on despite our best efforts to make them last. It’s been fun staying in touch with people on various social media apps and the short videos and jokes going around have been fun and the odd one have been hilarious. Gill has been doing some online physio consultations and I’ve been doing online classes and privates on Zoom, which has been a real eye opener as I’m making some money during lockdown and will be able to keep in touch with the odd client during the winter from the comfort of my living room. On sunny days we’ve also been doing a lot of reading on sun loungers and Katie is piling through the books, which is great news. We’ve also been enjoying some brilliant TV dramas in the evening and all in all we’ve been having a really nice time together as a family without any real clashes. Anyway, that’s more or less what we’ve been up to!

Millie and Katie are disappointed (gutted actually) to have had a couple of concerts cancelled including Taylor Swift in Hyde Park on Millie’s birthday and I’m worried that our trip to Canada on July 27th may be cancelled as well and perhaps our trip to Croatia on August 8th. Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to go Canada but Canada is two to three weeks behind the UK virus-wise so who knows? I bought Gill tickets to the Eagles  August 29th so hopefully life will be back to normal by then? I’m a bit worried about next winter but the thought of not skiing next season is too depressing both spiritually and financially, so we won’t go there! But to finish on a positive note the planning is up for the 2020-21 season with Richard F, Francesca, and Ian S already in the books, while Derek and Adam F have already booked flights. Stay tuned!

PS Might be a little disjointed as I haven’t had time to proof-read and I’m off to the supermarket.