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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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How Are You Feeling???

How are you all feeling??? I’ve had a cough and been incredibly fatigued for the past week but haven’t had headaches or a fever. Because no one is being tested it’s difficult to know if I’ve had Coronavirus or just a good old belt of the Val dIsere cold/flu that we all need to deal with at some stage or another during our long winter season? I’ve had contact from a couple of friends in Val d’Isere who think they may have had the dreaded virus and from a couple of clients who have been under the weather with various symptoms but again, no one really knows as no one has been properly tested.

If you skied with Alpine recently and have shown signs of the Coronavirus please let me know. It wasn’t that long ago since we were all sharing the Olympique, buses, chairlifts and the crowded confines of the Danois, Baraque and Bananas. Good luck and stay tuned!

PS I hope that I have had it because I’m still alive, my family are still alive and to think that I’ve (we’ve) started to build immunities would be good news. I’ve felt rotten lately and to feel rotten over just a regular Val d’Isere cold/flu while still remaining at risk of catching the Coronavirus would be a bummer.