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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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How Good Was That???

It snow lightly overnight but with fierce north-westerly winds we had a huge accumulation of snow on certain lee slopes and with the early-morning cloud lifting we had a stunning day! (see photos) Chris and I opened up with an atmospheric Tour du Charvet via TJ’s Shoulder, which was excellent although the lower section could use a bit more snow. (We ran into Jean Marc on the Tour and it was nice to see him and his team.) From there we back-tracked and headed towards the sun in Tignes as the skies were clearing from that direction and since it was jolly cold this morning the sun seemed like a good idea. We skied a high-quality Lower Borsat before skiing two runs off the Grande Motte, which were outstanding as the snow was the deepest and lightest of the season so far, and we’ve skied some great snow up until this point! We finished off with a very good Familial to top off a pretty outrageously good morning!

After seeing JM in the Tour du Charvet he headed up towards the Mattis and I’m not too sure what Pietro skied today. Henry was in action while Andreas had the day off to try and finish up his building projects. Thomas is skiing with the Ski Club out of Tignes and I know he had a brilliant Chardonnet as the snow in Tignes was deep, deep, deep this morning!

We could see 60-plus cm’s of snow in the next 24-hours along with the dreaded wind so stay tuned!

PS Don’t forget Karen and Andreas at the Danois tomorrow for Après-Ski around 5:15!