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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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I Can’t Count!!!

I was travelling light today with only Chris E and with Chris being the type of guy who just enjoys being in the mountains we set off for the Col du Montet. We weren’t expecting great skiing but were looking forward to the views and the walk and any good skiing would be a bonus. It was forecast to be sunny but the first half of the morning was slightly overcast but it did cheer up as the morning progressed. We enjoyed some surprisingly good snow over the first col and once on the Col du Montet itself we had a mix of soufflé dur, soufflé doux and a few strips of frisset. (See photos) Chris has impressed me over the past to days with where he can ‘skin’ without couteaux. I’ve put mine on (only one today on my bottom foot) and needed them but he’s managed really well without. Bravo Chris! Chris wore his team out yesterday so he had an easier morning in the Sache, while Andreas, Thomas and Henry were all off.

This afternoon I took Helen and Steve off-piste again and we had a fantastic afternoon skiing under the Laisinant Chair and down into the ‘L’ followed by the Grande Vallon, which we had to ourselves. They absolutely loved it and bravo Helen who was close to her limit and dealt with it really well!

I obviously can’t count as I said yesterday that I’d skied the Foglietta 4 times during this drought. I’ve only skied it three times and came up with four because last March Doug skied the Foglietta with me for the first time and has been there all three times so far this season. He’s encountered different and interesting conditions each time and has also come up with an alternative route while ‘skinning’ up. Nice one Doug!

Fortunately Mick’s injury yesterday isn’t as serious as we thought and he’s planning on skiing in April. Go Mick!

Tomorrow is forecast for flat-light but we may see some snow in the afternoon and tomorrow night and a flat-light morning would be a small price to pay for a fresh canvas. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS Andreas had a great hockey match last night and don’t forget he’ll be playing with Karen tomorrow for après-ski at Le Petit Danois. See you there!