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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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It’s A Goner!!!

We had tricky conditions today with a minimal freeze, overcast skies and a strong foehn wind blowing, and no new snow to work with. With limited options I decided to take my team back to the Sachette to have a look for my radio but we couldn’t find it. I sent Adam and Sim down the Sachette Couloir in case my radio had taken that route while the rest of us followed yesterdays footsteps and we had some nice winter snow and the boys enjoyed the couloir. I cut out to the piste early and we skied the par-avalanche to the road a couple of times because it was low enough to be out of the wind and low enough to soften with the warmth of the day. Henry and Jerome were out there somewhere, Chris was on piste and Andreas and Thomas had the day off.

We’re expecting between 20 and 30cm’s of snow tonight and it would be wonderful to have some powder again and to have a fresh canvas on the spring slopes. Although the skiing has been really good it has been limited and we’ve been operating with about 1% of our off-piste options available to us. Within that 1% has been some fantastic skiing but it is time for a change. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!