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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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It’s Dead!!!

For the first time in living memory I’ve had two days off in a row! (Beside injury, illness or the dreaded Covid of course) It’s absolutely dead quiet at the moment on the client front. The entire Alpine team are resting but up until now we’ve had a good season so we can’t really complain.

The initial border closing has had disastrous affect for many local businesses. Although business has picked up lately the town is still suffering. But this week looks much better for the ski schools who specialise in children’s groups. As the French/British half-term arrives the streets are filling up with masses of people, which is a shock! Still, the bars, restaurants, super markets and everyone else with a business will be delighted that the holidays have begun.

My golfing buddy Charles arrives in town today and I’m looking forward to seeing him. And Katie is arriving Thursday night if she can remain Covid free in the meantime. I’m so looking forward to seeing her and it will be her first skiing since February 2020. Fingers crossed!

The Hammers narrowly avoided embarrassment of Biblical proportions yesterday! No disrespect to Lou’s Kidderminster but they would have been talking about it for decades to come.

PS I’ve posted a couple of photos of Ness and Victor enjoying themselves at the skating rink yesterday afternoon. Man, have they grown!

PPS Some small children have moved in next door and completely taken over my terrace. Mind you I did encourage them.I equipped them with shovels, slides and snowball makers and off they went. They scavenged about and built themselves a pretty cool fort. (See photos) It reminded me of the wonderful hours Millie and Katie spent out there playing in the snow. Quite brilliant really!