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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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It’s Over Now!!!

Another season has come to and end and it’s always a little emotional. Normally I’d be extremely excited about going back to the girls tomorrow and starting my summer life. But I’ve visa issues and may be stuck here until the middle of June. Instead of celebrating I’ve a stressful time ahead and it’s all a little daunting.

Enough of that. It was a tough season but it was still a great season. Having missed a season-and-a-half it was just a privilege to be back in the mountains and skiing again.  We didn’t have lots of snow this winter but we did enjoy a lot of sunshine.

Most of our clients were pleasantly surprised all winter log about how good the skiing was. People came with low expectations and left having had a wonderful holiday with great skiing.

I’ve loads to do so I’ll stop there and continue tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

PS Today’s photos are up.

PPS Drinks at the Danois anyone? I’ll be there for 5 o’clock.