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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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It’s Tough Out There!!!

The light wasn’t as good as forecast, which made it a little trickier ‘sniffing’ out the good patches and going first but we managed a pretty good morning. I started with a test in the lower Borsat and after an icy traverse was rewarded with some soft snow on the counter-slope before heading up to the Motte to ski around my shoulder. We had some excellent snow (see photos) for two runs and instead of skiing a third I made the mistake of trying to ski something different for a change of pace but on hindsight we should have stayed put. When conditions are tough like they are at the moment one should milk any good patch for all it’s worth! Anyway, it was a cracking good morning and hopefully the sun will return for tomorrow’s adventures.

Chris, Thomas, and Henry all ‘skinned’ up on the Motte where the cable car is closed while Andreas skied the Chardonnet and Sache. Both Chris and Thomas were out all day and fortunately it cleared up and they had much better visibility to finish off their day.

Louise recommends the band at the Danois tonight so I think I’ll pop in for an hour or so and don’t forget Karen and Andreas tomorrow at Le Petit Danois for their après-ski gig. Stay tuned!