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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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I’ve Got My Mojo Back!!!

Radio Val reported -22C on the Fornet this morning and -20C on Bellevarde. It was chilly but refreshingly so and by skiing sunny slopes we hardly noticed the cold. Everyone certainly enjoyed the sunshine and a proper taste of winter.

The snow quality was stunning again this morning. We’ve had a wonderful week and after several days of flat-light it was great to be in the sunshine again. The mountain did take a massive it and it will be ‘walkies’ time either tomorrow or the day after.

I need to thank Andreas for twisting my arm and getting me to try some test skis. I’ve really been struggling and have been embarrassed about my skiing but over the last three days I’ve got my mojo back. It’s been wonderful to go from a bum to feeling like a skier again and I’m back to having fun. Thanks Andreas!

What I’ve found with these Salomon 96’s is that you can ski on them properly. They love a round turn. They love the legs being extended and then retracted and being steered before extending again. All the techniques needed for skinny skis can be applied on the wider skis. I’ve been totally surprised by how well they ski and how much fun they are. They will help weaker skiers but they also reward good technique. And they are so much easier on my body. With two fake hips I don’t need any extra stress. (For all my disciples out there I give you the green light to try some wider skis! (Laughing emojis.) Jerry thinks it’s hilarious!

And with my new mojo working I skied off the Verte, then the Kern, Face du Charvet, Tour du Charvet via the Mont Blanc Couloir, and the Marmattons/Marmottes to finish. Blimey what a morning!

Thomas, Chris and Jerome were in the same neighbourhood while Andreas headed over to Tignes for some Tignes ‘classics’. All the boys had brilliant mornings and have done an outstanding job during this period in the flat-light. Bravo boys!

Stay tuned!

PS Andreas assures me that by today’s standards these 96’s are still skinny skis. That makes me feel a lot better!