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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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January Powder!!!

The Fornet has coughed up 4 excellent days in a row and like yesterday, we profited hugely today from Saturday night’s retour de l’est. The sun returned but it stayed remarkably cool today for the 8th of April and the snow resembled January powder and all the teams had a brilliant morning. (See photos) It’s wonderful to have the Fornet finally coming good for us as it’s been a bit of a no-go zone so far this season.

Gill is only here for four days skiing but wow, the last two days have been some of the best powder days of the season, and our first morning touring to the Glacier Pers was extremely interesting and atmospheric with great snow as well. I’ll stick my neck out and predict another cracking good day again tomorrow to make it four out of four!

Ed Mullit and Jamie are playing at the Danois tonight and I’m going to stop by briefly with Katie and Cassius and don’t forget Karen and Andreas at the Danois on Friday starting at 6 o’clock.

Another sunny morning is forecast for tomorrow before more snow moves in on Wednesday night and Thursday. Stay tuned!