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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Jean Marc!!!

All those years ago when we left Top Ski to set up ‘Alpine’ we were one man short. TJ, Chris, Giles and I had an idea of who we wanted -and more importantly- who we needed! We knew that ideally we would need a Mountain Guide and Jean Marc seemed the perfect choice.

Jean Marc was working for the ESF at the time but had teamed up with Giles at Top Ski for a couple of weeks. Giles was incredibly impressed and thought that Jean Marc would be ideal, and Giles wasn’t easily impressed! My ex-wife Ellie was running the Fitness Centre at the time and she was working with a lovely lady named Maryse. With Maryse being married to JM we had an introduction through the girls to ‘Alpine’ as a whole. And Giles’ experience on the mountain with JM was mutually positive so we started to discuss our future together.

At the time Pat and Jean needed to replace us and they were very aware of Jean Marc’s expertise. They were already speaking with him and doing their best to convince him to join Top Ski. I’m sure Ellie and Maryse’s relationship helped JM to make his final decision. I remember laying in bed and JM coming into my room. When I looked up he had a big grin on his face and said,” I want to be with you guys!

In Jean Marc we recruited an extremely talented and professional guide. He was a world-class climber in his day and incredibly well respected in guiding circles. His attitude in the mountains is one of calm and his decision making has always been excellent. After backing away from a huge slope one day I remember his saying, “not today, the mountain will still be there tomorrow”. Very wise words from a wise fellow! I’ve never forgotten those words and have quoted them many times over the years. We’ve been lucky to have Jean Marc with us from the beginning. And there is no doubt that he has been integral to our early success launching ‘Alpine’ and to our longevity!

Today’s photos are of Jean Marc almost 30-years ago! He’s leading a group of journalists down the Piste Perdue, Mickey’s Ears and the Spatule. I’ve unfortunately no control over what order these old photos come up. Today’s start just to the right of the photos of Chris from yesterday.

Stay tuned for more photos of days-gone-by tomorrow!

PS And a happy-belated-birthday to Thomas. Sorry to be a day late!