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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Jean Sports !!!

There was no new snow to speak of but fortunately it was a little colder overnight. We all headed up to the Fornet to stay high and north, and the snow quality was excellent. Fortunately we had just enough visibility to make a difference, and after a tough day yesterday conditions were much better today.

Thomas and I headed over the Col Pers for the first trip of the season. The entrance was ridiculously easy. It was full of snow and we just side-slipped in, and then made comparisons to when it’s ridiculously difficult. (The entrance will change as soon as we get a ferocious northerly wind and the snow gets ripped out down to the rocks.)

The skiing was fantastic all the way down to the Grand Torsai and it was great to be back there again. From the Torsai down was trickier, but we skied where we could and side-slipped where necessary. It was the first morning in ages that I didn’t touch a rock, although some weren’t so lucky.

I was so fed up with my old broken down boots that I went to Jean Sports last night and bought a new pair. I tried on the Salomon’s first before trying a pair of Dynafit’s. The Dynafit’s fit great and I was persuaded by their buckle system and walk-mode mechanism. They were also incredible easy to put on and take off, especially compared to my Scarpa F1’s.

Marius was helping me and I thought he was brilliant. He was helping me and two others at the same time. Each of us had different desires and I was impressed by his knowledge of all the different product options. Thank you Marius!

Jean Sports also has a new machine for servicing skis with a new stone. The servicing has been fantastic and I’ve been really happy with the services that I’ve had. If you want skis that turn easily and can be steered through the turn, just say that you’d like them like Wayne and Chris. (That’s a service with minimal structure)

We should get some snow tonight, which will be gratefully received! Stay tuned!