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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Jolly Pleasant!!!

We were back to warmer temperatures today with full sunshine and we enjoyed an extremely pleasant morning. I skied with Inga and Nicolas along with Louise and Suzanne and we skied some lovely snow off the Verte, followed by the Lower Borsat and meadows into Tignes, then my shoulder three times, then the Rosolin, the Cairn and the Familial to finish. It hasn’t snowed that much but we had enough to make a massive difference and the skiing today was excellent.

Thomas was working today and we crossed paths coming out of the Rosolin (see photos) while Andreas was having a family ski, and Chris had the morning off. I’m not too sure what Henry is up to these days as I saw him only once last week.

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon yesterday ad I watched the Hammers beat Newcastle at the Danois. It was a little sad as I was the only one watching the game!

Gill received a French speeding ticket in the post yesterday as I was caught doing 82 in a 70 zone, which must have been the tunnel in Moutiers. It’s really difficult to drive 70km/h and if you lose concentration for a moment the next thing you know is that you’ve set the flash off. I saw the flash but didn’t think the French would follow it up and was hoping to have gotten away with it. I’m a bit annoyed at the Gillet Jaune for missing that camera!!!

My golfing friend Peter has arrived for a three-day ski and we’re about to go out to watch the Everton v Liverpool match. I doubt I’ll be alone for that one!

Stay tuned as snow and wind are forecast for tomorrow!