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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Just Enough Visibility!!!

Today was the opposite of the past few days because the skies never really cleared. We were expecting the sun to break through but it only happened briefly so don’t let the photos fool you!

Still, we had just enough visibility to get the job done and it was another good morning on the mountain. Thomas, Chris and I skied the big face of the Balme (first time this season). It was adventurous as after a freezing cold chairlift the traverse in was pretty foggy. We arrived to better vis for the ski down and it was a good result. (Meanwhile Andreas and Ian were skiing the Chardonnet.)

We then headed up the Motte hoping that we’d get above the cloud. Unfortunately we arrived to white-out conditions so Thomas and I went in for a naughty hot chocolate. Everyone was pretty chilly so we warmed up while hoping the clouds would thin out in the meantime. (Chris skied down as his team is obviously tougher than Thomas’s and mine!)

After our decadently rich hot chocolates (thanks Andy) the cloud cover was minimally thinner. Thomas and I decided to ski the Leisse and ‘skin’ out and we were rewarded with great visibility. We skied under the cloud cover and had an enjoyable 30 minutes or so in the sun. (see photos)

It has continued to snow lightly throughout the morning and the fresh snow should make for a pleasant cushion tomorrow. The sun is forecast to shine and we’re looking forward to another great ski in the morning.

And of course I’m looking forward to my Friday apres-ski in the Danois. Karen is playing with Mike tonight and it will be a great couple of hours. If you’re in the resort don’t miss it!

Stay tuned!