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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Just In Time!!!

We’ve just returned from a great week in Croatia and as it turns out it may have been just in time! There is now talk of Croatia being the next country on Boris’s ‘hit-list’ but it seemed very quiet and safe around Pula, which is north of the main tourist regions. The Croatians were taking their social distancing quite seriously and everyone needed to wear a face covering while indoors. But, the beaches were very quiet, everyone was eating outdoors on the terraces and it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere, which felt safe. Everyone had a brilliant week and thanks to Liz and Fred for a fantastic holiday. (See photos)

I’ve had quite a few people getting in touch about my thoughts on the upcoming winter. I’m optimistic in life to a fault but I can’t say that I’m that hopeful of a ‘business-as-normal’ season. The government seems to be panicking during the summer holiday period where everyone is generally outside in the fresh air. People are eating outdoors, spending most of their time outdoors, and for the most part it has been easy to social distance. But once winter hits and the normal ‘flu season’ kicks how will the government react? Social distancing will become much more difficult and people will be piling into busses, cable-cars, and funiculars. Outside eating won’t be an option until spring and I can’t imagine the bars and restaurants being able to function properly. How many people would come on a week’s skiing vacation if they had to self-isolate for two weeks afterwards? I sincerely hope that I am wrong but at the end of the day ‘what do I know?’

On a more positive note I’m planning on being in Val d’Isere for the start of the season. It would be wonderful if the lifts opened but if not anyone who is interested can come ‘skinning’. We may end up ‘skinning’ even more than we usually do and those old rickety chair-lifts may become the preferred means of uphill transport. I’m sure we all want to ski and we’ll all do our best to make the most of it. (I know many of you who own apartments would gladly spend your winter in Val d’Isere while some of have spent a good portion of their summer there.)

Stay tuned for more news and photos soon.

PS I must add that YSE are taking bookings and guaranteeing 100% refunds if any holidays are cancelled due to the corona problem. They are using Easy Jet and suggest booking early while the flights are at their cheapest. The planning has been up and running since May so do get in touch with any inquiries.