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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Just The Right Amount!!!

We had just the right amount of snow last night. Just enough for a wonderful morning of powder skiing and not so much to delay the opening. And when it snows too much it takes forever to transform to spring snow on the sunny exposures. Last night’s snowfall was just about the perfect amount and should transform quite quickly. (see photos)

It was a stunning morning of non-stop maximum turn skiing. My team skied one down the meadows under the Vallon bubble to get things started. Then we skied the Lower Combe du Signal twice, the Grand Vallon and the Combe du Signal from the top.

At this stage it was starting to warm up so we headed up to the Glacier. We then skied the Combe du 3300 twice followed by the Combe du Geant. To finish the morning we had some warm bonus turns on the way down to the Fornet cable car. It was brilliant morning enjoyed by all and a great last day for Ian. And what a fantastic first day for Jukka and Mike!

Richard Foster deserves a mention for a outrageous turn-around this morning. I had a strong team who were in non-stop mode and smelling a big morning. On the first run Richard was all over the place and fell over several times. I decided on a straight ‘red’ card and sent him home. He said he totally understood and it was no problem. The next thing I know is he’s followed us into the Lower Combe du Signal. Richard skiedit like a God and laying down perfect tracks.He lasted until the 1 o’clock and skied really well. Bravo Richard! (Am so glad you didn’t miss the morning!)

I watched the Hammers painful 1-nil loss to Chelsea. We almost scratched out a point but it was not to be. What a shame for the magnificent Dawson to get a red card, which will make the end of our season extremely difficult.

Karen played at the Salon des Fous this afternoon and was absolutely brilliant. Andreas accompanied her along with Ritchie, Patrick from the Baraque, an excellent drummer and an electric guitar player from the Baraque. It was great to see her backed up by such a good band and it was an outstanding gig!

I’m off to bed early. It’s snowing lightly and we could be in for another fantastic morning. Stay tuned!