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Karen and Andreas Live!!!

After months of lock-down we are finally easing towards a new ‘normal’. Whether it’s too early or not health-wise remains to be seen. But, economically it is very welcome by so many seriously affected businesses, and by those who have missed social contact.

With the rules easing Karen and Andreas have been rehearsing together for a few weeks now. They now have their first live gig of the summer coming up at the Fete de la Musique this Sunday. It’s a 8PM start at the Garage, which should be a great venue, so if you’re in town don’t miss it. It promises to be a fantastic evening and will be welcome by so many people longing for a social gathering.

Andreas has bought a new bass guitar and has been looping in some bass into their songs so that should make a huge difference to the richness of their sound. They’ve already worked on ten new songs and promise more by the time next winter rolls around.

I’ll get Uffe or Tchenko to send some photos of the gig and I’ll post them early next week. Wish I was there and stay tuned!