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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Karen and Andreas!!!

The opening weekend is just about here and conditions look fabulous to kick-off another fantastic season of skiing and all-round fun! The webcams show an excellent early-season snow cover and we should be able to get off-piste properly right from the opening. (None of that warming up on piste business!)

Karen and Andreas will be playing at Le Petit Danois next Friday night (29th) at around 7PM. Once the season starts they will slot back into playing après-ski  between 5 and 5:30 and will be playing on December 6th. I for one am seriously looking forward to it and I’m sure you are as well!!!

Stay tuned as the Daily Diary will be up and running as of November 29th!!!

PS There have been roadworks and the road up from Bourg has been closed from 10PM until 6AM every night. Hopefully the road will be fully open for the start of the season but check before driving up. I’ll keep you updated when I hear from either Andreas or Thomas.