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Katie Meets The Chancellor!!!

Katie had a 15-minute meeting in Jeremy Hunt’s office yesterday. She spoke to him about a career in politics and really enjoyed her time with him.

Yesterday’s meeting had already been cancelled twice. The first was cancelled because the poor old Queen up and died the day before. The second meeting was postponed because Jeremy was made chancellor the day before and was a bit busy. Both were pretty reasonable excuses but as busy as Jeremy Hunt must be it was really nice of him to keep his promise and see Katie! (Katie also met Rishi earlier in the summer!)

Last night’s gig at the Danois was superb! Andreas has some seriously good new kit, and he could rival Ed Sheeran for looping peddles! All the new gear has enhanced the sound, which was excellent. Andreas has added some electric guitar for a few songs, and that worked really well. Both Karen and Andreas were fantastic, and it all added up to their best gig yet!!!

And now for news of the opening day of the season. To be truthful it didn’t look very inspiring looking out the window this morning! The light was flat and without visibility our options were going to be limited. But as is so often the case, it turned out to be a great opening day.

My team found a little private stash, so we milked it dry. The vis was just good enough and in places grass and twigs were poking through to help read the terrain. Meanwhile Chris and Andreas were both skiing while Thomas and Jerome went on a reconnaissance mission together.

Snow is forecast over the next 48-hours and rumour has it that it might be a significant snowfall. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!