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Katie’s Back!!!

I picked up Katie last night in Lyon with her pal Jake and it’s wonderful to have her back! We had a brilliant drive back swinging at the top of our voices. Unfortunately we murdered the Best of Bob Seger before butchering the Eagles. It was fun though.

After a lie in I took Katie and Jake out skiing this afternoon. We headed to the nursery slopes as Jake has only skied one week and that was years ago. I didn’t expect much but the moment I saw him side slipping towards the lift I knew we had a chance. After two runs we went off and bought his lift ticket and had a cracking afternoon. We covered a lot of ground and even managed a few gentle off-piste turns. (See photos) I must say I was surprised and really impressed. Bravo Jake!

Karen played solo tonight at the Danois and it was a great evening. She hasn’t played solo too often over the past few years and she did herself proud. She was brave as the playlist consisted of about 60% new songs that I haven’t heard her sing before.

Katie loved it and did some naughty dancing with Ella who has been skiing with me this week. I love it when young people just hit it off and immediately get on with it. My golfing pal Charles and his friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Tomorrow’s ski group of James, Richard, Ella, John, Chris and Alex were all in attendance along with Cormack and Ian.

It snowed enough on-and-off to make a difference so hopefully we’ll have some decent vis tomorrow. Fingers crosssed and stay tuned.

Stay tuned!