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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Normally at this time of year I’m posting news and photos daily. Unfortunately there really isn’t too much news to report!

Considering the rules the girls and I had an excellent Christmas. We enjoyed a quiet time with fantastic food, presents, a walk and a family movie. The girls didn’t know anything about Queen and Freddie Mercury so I made them watch Bohemian Rhapsody. Fortunately they loved it and Millie was especially sad when Freddie died at the end. Can you believe it!!!

Next up will be New Year’s. I’m working on a meal plan around roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with the movie choice still up in the air. I’ve never been a lover of New Year’s so I’m looking forward to another quiet evening with the girls.  (I must say that Penny’s annual New Year’s drinks and nibbles party was a saviour for many. It took the restaurant and/or bar worries out of the equation and was much appreciated by many. Thanks Penny!)

I’m waiting to see what the French are going to do Covid-wise before deciding on when to come. Without any skiing in sight I will stay in the UK and help Gill with the girls.

Andreas has been out ‘skinning’ a couple of times a week. He always posts a few photos on either his personal Facebook account or the Alpine account. Andreas has had some really good outings and has been making the most of it. Bravo Andreas!

Karen and Andreas are planning on a New Year’s Day gig from the Danois. It will be shared with Ed and Jamie with each duo playing an hour. They’ll get together at the end and play a few songs together to wind up the gig. It should be fun and I’m really looking forward to it. Stay tuned for more news about the time and link to the gig.

I’ve posted a few photos but there isn’t an ‘Alpine’ track in sight!!!