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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Lake Louise!!!

Today’s photo’s that Derek sent are from around Lake Louise and the old Post Hotel and Morraine Lake, where Couloir 3/4 can be seen in the background. When I was a kid and skiing at Lake Louise every weekend those cabins were run down and you couldn’t imagine how Andre S would come in and transform the entire village of Lake Louise and turn the Post into a fantastic hotel with great food and a stunning wine list. I’m really enjoying following Marcella and Derek’s trip through an area where I spent my childhood so please keep those photo’s coming Derek!

On the sports-front my old friend Tom Kingery’s son Scott is playing for the Philadelphia Phillies and he’s on a cracking run at the moment. Because of his versatility he’s played second base, third base, short-stop and centre field on a talented team and he’s been hitting the ball amazingly well lately with several home runs, a triple and he’s hit for average as well. My first port of call each morning is to check the Phillies box scores and see how Scott did the night before, and since the Blue Jays suck again it gives me some focus to the Major League season. Stay tuned!